Cheap Premium Web Hosting in Kenya in 2021

Looking for a cheap website hosting company in kenya in 2021, EHost Kenya offers special discount to our premium hosting service. This month, we have a 30% discount on all our hosting packages, Chat with us and request for a discount coupon.

cheap website hosting in kenya

cheap website hosting in kenya

We are the cheapest website hosting company in Kenya. We offer secure and most scalable web hosting packages to our clients. Our web hosting packages are defined with our clients in mind, you can use our free website hosting to host your website and access webmail however we advise you to go for a paid hosting package due to the some reasons though our free hosting does not place ads on your website

There is nothing in this world for free. Ask yourself a question – how do they survive?
They have to pay for servers, bandwidth, server software and got no income?

The answer is – advertising, yeah they place an ads on your site and usually have a tracking tools to decide
whether traffic on your site click on their ads and generate income or not.
If not do not be surprised your account closed.

– Free hosting companies usually place their own ads on your site.
– There are some free hosting companies that do not place an ads but if you get some traffic on your site
your free provider may close your account and place his own page with ads instead of your site.
– PHP, CGI, Perl and many other tech tools are disabled.
– You have very limited disk space and limited bandwidth.
– You have not memorized by others address like /
– You don’t have useful tools like Site builder, add-on scripts which some paid hosting companies offer for free.
– You don’t have email address similar as your account name.
– A lot of free hosts change their Terms without warning you.
– Because they are offering free hosting, the majority of them can not afford to offer 24/7 or any support.
– Very few free web hosts offer a control panel with their plans.

With pay host you eliminate all this inconveniences except one – it’s not free.
I know this is not simple step to decide to pay for hosting. So if you need just information
page for your friends then free hosting option is right for you. But if this is your presentation
site or you plan to do some business and need tools like PHP, CGI etc…
I’d recommend to take a look at paid hosting companies.


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cheapest website hosting in kenya

cheapest website hosting in kenya

eHost Kenya is the cheapest website hosting provider in kenya, we offer wordpress hosting, joomla hosting , ecommerce website hosting, startup website hosting, small business hosting, corporate hosting and other custom hosting.
Our hosting packages covers all levels.
Having a brand website for your company or business can mean a lot for your business, from a more targeted audience to increase in revenue. In today’s digital world an online presence is very important . With eHost cheap web hosting it’s easy to create, manage and grow your business.

We are driven by passion for good services, helping our clients to keep there websites up and running 24/7. Most importantly, we’re passionate about the type of technology we have for our clients, and we know that when our clients succeed, we succeed too.

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