Email Hosting in Kenya

email hosting in kenya
email hosting in kenya

We offer professional email hosting in Kenya to corporate and individuals.
To provide you with domain registration for your business then link it up with email hosting and setup.

Get Secure & affordable email hosting services with unlimited number of account!

The advantages of having a business email is as follows:

Security of official communication is ensured by having a private email service
Address book sharing is enabled across the employees
It’s easier to control what gets out of the company especially documents
Audits can be done easily.
Unlimited email accounts with your domains
Light webmail and support of all mail clients
Easy and effective management of mailboxes
Fast and secure delivery for your mails
Secured & encrypted emails
Good and redundant network connectivity
Cheap hosting plans and affordable
One-click software installation
 24/7 support and customer service

You can manage you emails across multiple devices: through your phone, through browser or via a program (email client) installed on your computer with our email hosting package.

You can use several forwarders to redirect messages to an other mailbox. If you need assistance, simply contact our customer care, available 24/7 and a representative will be happy to help you.

You can use GSuite as a simple client and send and receive emails through the platform. If you have GSuite account, you can also easily host your emails on the Google server.