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Different Web Hosting Types

If that you are about to launch a brand new website, you could be bewildered from the different types of website hosting that you may choose from. There’s shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting, plus other, specialised types, like dedicated WordPress hosting. At the identical time, you may also use a choice between Linux and Windows hosting, that makes the decision even more difficult for making. In this post, we’ll explain exactly what the different sorts of hosting are incredibly that you may make a more informed range of which is best to suit your needs.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared hosting is enabled by dividing inside the storage space on the web server and allocating sections to be able to users to host their websites. You can think of it as a renting out a tiny office inside a giant office block. Depending upon the sort of server used as well as the policies of numerous web hosts, the volume of user accounts hosted on shared server may range from 30 a number of hundred.

Besides sharing the safe-keeping, users also share the servers’ resources, e.g. it’s memory and processing power. The good news, financially, is the fact that running and looking after costs are also shared, this also is what makes website hosting the cheapest type of hosting you may buy.

Shared hosting would be the most popular form and works perfectly well for some websites. Most hosting companies make certain that servers are certainly not overloaded to ensure that no matter how busy each of the different websites are stored on that server, there’ll be the capacity to ensure they are all running.

To ensure sharing works efficiently, you will find often restrictions on which you are capable of doing on a shared server. These include limits within the number of websites you’ll be able to host plus the storage space you’ll be able to use. Some hosts also restrict bandwidth, the volume of information it is possible to send to users in a billing cycle, which is usually a problem if you’ve lots of visitors.

Shared hosting will not be suitable for everyone. If you could have a website that is certainly likely to experience high-traffic; ought to run high-performing applications from a server; or ought to configure your server in a specific way, then you have to look at alternative hosting solutions.

Besides hosting your blog, most shared web hosting accounts in addition provide you with email hosting and there may be often a choice of other useful services, like enhanced security and website backups, that also can be included or added onto your package.

What is usually a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS can be a type of hosting solution that combines the top features of both shared and dedicated hosting. Like website hosting, there’s a physical server whose resources are divided up between members, enabling it being a low-cost solution. However, that’s basically where the similarity ends.

What makes VPS different is the fact that, instead of getting an allocation of storage space over a single server, the host creates each user his or her virtual server. A VPS user, therefore, gets their own operating-system, dedicated storage, memory and processing resources, equally as they would that has a dedicated server. Whilst this is using a smaller scale than using a dedicated server, it truly is significantly more than you will get on shared enviroment.

The advantage over shared enviroment is that, as each VPS is often a self-contained computing environment, your blog’s performance can’t be affected when other sites are busy plus your data won’t be placed at risk when the other accounts around the physical server are vulnerable. It also means you are able to configure the virtual server inside the most appropriate way on your business and run custom applications.

VPS also provides the option for fully managed hosting, full administrative access and remote server access. Importantly, the virtual nature of VPS makes it among the best kinds of hosting for quick recovery inside case of your server failure and other disaster, that is vital for businesses that have to keep their websites and critical applications available.

Services like email are contained in many packages, much like a variety of security features.

What is dedicated hosting?

When going for dedicated hosting you might be choosing to work with a full server entirely to your own use. With the types of servers on the market, this will give you exceptional performance and also bags of space for storing to run your site or apps. However, whilst some companies need these sorts of servers, for several smaller companies it could be comparable to buying a double decker bus dropping your kids off in school.

As a devoted server is entirely for the use, you could have a good deal of freedom using what you are able to do with it. In this sense, it could be tailored for your specific needs. You can configure the server because you require and run the apps of your respective choice.  The only restrictions would be the capacities from the server itself plus the limitations with the software you take.

If you want a dedicated server, it really is also very likely that you’ll be running critical applications that ought to be available every one of the time. For this reason, you need to select a service that can offer server monitoring, backup facilities and 24/7 tech support. If you choose eKEhost, moreover, you may get 100% uptime guarantee, backed by SLA.

Another good thing about dedicated servers is the fact they will be more secure. You have the capacity to deploy tailored security measures, including anti-virus and firewall configurations, whilst at a similar time, you won’t need to bother about vulnerable neighbours as you may on hosting that is shared. For those needing enhanced security, it’s also good to realize that the data centres in which server colocation are housed have physical security measures available too, including biometric authentication and security officers.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is where your blog, data and applications are stored over a network of servers that you simply access on the internet. Whilst it uses virtualisation to make this happen, unlike VPS which works on the single physical server, the cloud uses hundreds, sometimes a huge number of physical servers all linked together inside a giant network, often across many different geographical locations. As a result, users will surely have virtually unlimited storage and computing resources available.

The advantage here is the fact businesses aren’t restricted by their physical hardware as they could be with hosting. If there was clearly a surge in demand for his or her services, dedicated servers employ a limit in which they can operate, with cloud hosting, you are able to simply bring more on the network into play to make certain performance continues uninterrupted. This power to scale up or down when needed is one of several key benefits associated with cloud computing and the truth that it is paid for over a pay-as-you-go basis means it’s highly cost-effective, enabling smaller companies to contend with larger ones.

Cloud computing isn’t ideal for any single style of use. Whilst capacity has enhanced, higher performance can nonetheless be achieved with server colocation. And for organisations that manage highly sensitive data, for instance police or hospital records, may possibly not be permissible to save that facts about servers which may be accessed via the internet. However, it truly is possible to produce private cloud networks and have private-public hybrid networks.

The other big selling point of cloud networking is the fact that it can make it easy to backup and restore data. Cloud networks offers 100% uptime and may be accustomed to create a super-quick, low-cost alternative to some backup data centre.

What is Managed hosting?

Managed hosting is a second service the location where the initial setup, day-to-day maintenance and treatments for servers is taken care of because of the web host rather than because of the client. This includes stuff like updating and patching the os, monitoring performance and servicing the hardware. For some varieties of hosting, such as shared web hosting or public cloud, it’s necessary which the service provider undertakes these tasks, so they may be included as part on the service.

With other kinds of hosting, particularly dedicated hosting, they could be offered for an option. Sometimes, companies prefer their in-house team to deal with the servers, whereas others believe it is more convenient to go away it to the sponsor.


What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress can be a platform that have their own own quirks and specific needs and WordPress hosting or dedicated WordPress hosting, as it truly is also called, is a hosting that is shared service specifically for the system.

With this form of hosting so as to the servers are optimised for improved WordPress performance (quicker loading websites) and which the hosts provide services like pre-installation, automatic updates and WordPress focused security, like MTvScan, that protects up against the vulnerabilities from the platform.

Linux vs Windows hosting

Many from the hosting options above can even let you select from a Linux or even a Windows operating system for ones server. In reality, normally the one you pick depends very much within the software you intend running. For example, if that you are going to make use of WordPress to create your blog, you will have to choose Linux.

The reasons we mention this is the fact, in case you choose the incorrect type, your software might not function with your server. We also mention it because those people who are not accustomed to hosting may believe that because Windows will be the operating system of many people’s computers, it’s the one you must choose, however, most websites, are actually operated with Linux based servers.

How A Hosting Provider Can Affect Your SEO Efforts

With Google’s algorithm constantly evolving, changing and growing it might be stressful determining what factors are essential in regards to your internet search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Some aspects are obvious and routine: keywords, links, reputation. Are these the sole factors that influence SEO? Many experts believe not.

What variables are deemed important? Consider one of the first decisions you’re making when starting a web site. One that’s often made too hastily without truly knowing the impact. The decision is choosing a hosting provider.

Does Your Hosting Provider Affect SEO?

Your choice of host isn’t going to directly improve your ranking. It just isn’t going to maneuver you for the first page or directly get more traffic to your site. However, an unhealthy choice of your host can use a detrimental effect. Choosing wisely can then offer you an edge around the competition.

Many new site owners pick a hosting provider because they’re cheap. All they see is dollar signs and they don’t take under consideration the impact it can have on the marketing. By learning the role of hosting in SEO, you can choose wisely and possess the advantage. So how does it impact SEO rankings?

Server Security

Your website security is extremely important. Not only for your Google rankings but for the the experience and safety of your respective users. A website that is not secure will hurt your ranking in multiple ways. Google penalizes sites that are attacked or are hosting malware. Once visitors learn of the security flaws it is going to hurt your traffic and reputation. All of the factors result in the decrease within the ranking.

You may do everything that you could personally to protect your web site, but your host plays a role within the security in the site as well. Their role is most prominent when you might be relying on the shared hosting service. When other sites around the same server have poor security, it presents an opportunity for hackers to infect multiple sites on the same server.

The solution here is always to move to a dedicated server. Even then, you’ll want to find out what security measures they take to guard their servers.

Server Location

It may appear as though location has only recently become such an enormous factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, nonetheless it has actually been a metric for the long time. Google relies on location information even if the search isn’t a local search.

For example, if a person is creating a search from within the United States, web sites on servers located within the United States tend to be likely being near the top. They are significantly less likely to view sites from Japan or China of their results.

There would have been a time when they used merely the Top Level Domain to determine a niche site’s location. Recently, they’ve started relying more around the IP address because it’s delivering more accurate results. This is good news for your person making the search, but it might hurt your small business if your server is in a very different location.

You have to know where the server can be found, in addition to the location of your target audience. Then choose a hosting provider which has servers inside the same country because majority of the audience.

Server Performance

One final factor to take into consideration is the server performance. This includes the server speed and its particular downtime. The overall performance in the server is gonna affect the user’s experience, which Google takes very seriously.

Google frequently penalizes websites who have slow loading speeds, in addition to sites that suffer downtime. Most hosting providers have high percentages of uptime. It is rare to find a bunch that has below 99 percent uptime, but that 1 percent can produce a difference.

As for that loading speed, there is a lot of design choices you can make to further improve the speed of your site, but your host can certainly still slow you down to a point where it hurts your SEO efforts. Using a shared server is a lot more likely to hurt your speed than a separate server. A dedicated server is likely to cost you additional money, but it’s much better for business in the long run.

There a variety of high-quality hosts spread across the world wide web. Finding a host while using right location, quality performance, the other that takes security seriously really should not be difficult. Just ensure you do your quest and review each of these qualities of the hosting provider before building a decision. Otherwise, you will probably find your SEO campaign is just not delivering the results who’s should.

Size Matters! Or Does It? On Space & Bandwidth
A Bit of This, A Byte of That: Crunching the Numbers
If someone offers you the world, decline politely and run away. It is just not theirs to give.

If someone offers you unlimited bandwidth, safe-keeping, speed, or traffic, perform the same. However boring or mundane an intelligent, reasonable offer could possibly be, get it over the hyped-up one any day from the week.

In the finish, it isn’t the superlatives and hype that matter, rather sound judgment; brains ultimately conquer brawn, and submissions are indeed king. It is just not shear size or space that it gonna keep clients coming back to your website, but that which you do for the reason that space, what you ought to offer them, whether it is goods, services, or useful information.

However, because information on computers is saved in binary numbers – 0`s and 1`s – as nearly all of us now know, we has to be aware in the basics of brawn for some extent. For computers aren’t brains. They are dry and finite machines with only so much storage capacity, as almost all of us now know also, having discovered the hard way! Too much is not enough…

So let`s start while using basics of brawn, however boring, so we are sure of the common terms we’re about to go over – it is a quick, relatively painless lesson; then, we`ll know.

A “bit” could be the smallest unit of digital information, and is made up of ones and zeros; this often translates to something being “on” or “off” – as being a light or a pregnancy, there is really no in-between state, as much as we`d like there to be one. True or false is really a computer happy.

1,024 bytes equal 1 “kilobyte” (Kb). Why? Because the math is clean. We are your binary world here. 1,024 / 8 = 128; 128 / 8 = 16; and 16 / 8 = 2. The data cubes could be neatly packed and shipped in this way.

1,024 kilobytes (Kb) are add up to 1 “megabyte” (MB or “Meg” as we like to call her.) As you can see, you will get more bang to your buck on the net, kind of being a “Baker`s Kilo” where you get 2 dozen extra each and every time!

1,024 megabytes are equal to 1 “gigabyte” (Gb or “Gig”, something people accustomed to dance about, but something which is now very common). No one blinks at 10 Gig hard drives any more, can they? But what might all that information seem like in a pile in the middle of the room? Would it even fit in your living space? No one`s really sure, but we`ll come back to this later, anyway.

1,024 gigabytes are corresponding to 1 “terrabyte.” Now “terra” is very large! Almost incognito! Like a Terra-dactyl! Sorry about that. The fact is the fact that this is really as far so that as big as we need to go – no web hosting companies offer terrabytes of anything – bandwidth, space, service or what-have-you.

As usual, some people around like to bend the policies, and use the old Kilo = merely one,000 equation; it`s better to check while using party involved to see what rules they may be playing by.

Of course, it sounds faster in the event you`re sending less data per second; so, when it comes to speed, you`ll get getting this, of these terms:

Bps = bits per second
Kbps = kilobits per second = 1000 bits per second
Mbps = Million bits per second = 1,000,000 bits per second
Gbps = Gigabits per second = 1,000,000,000 (one billion) bits per second
Tbps = Terabits per second = 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) bits per second

What do You Really Need? How Much is Enough?
We are so employed to wanting to get as much as we can easily for our money that people sometimes usually do not realize that we are able to never use it all. If that`s true, why pay it off? Answer: when you don`t know just how much is enough and exactly how much is to much!

If I`ll not be able to work with it, are they all offering me so much?

Answer: because (they understand) you`ll never be able to make use of it!

If EHost provides you with a Gig of bandwidth and UltraHost gives you 500 Megs on the same price. Who you gonna call?

Answer: it will depend on the number of variables. Like their Customer Service? Are the lights on but nobody seems to be home? Nowadays, this seems to be the exception in lieu of the rule!

Action: Email them! Ask them anything, and find out if someone – a person! – comes back to you which has a sensible answer.

The fact is the fact that more and more web hosts have the equipment required, and not the personnel. Check out their complete packages, what all they may be offering you, what all you may need, then compare prices. If a few dollars 30 days really matters for you, perhaps you have to reconsider your business plan.

So the amount space do I actually need, then? Answer: it depends. Work against each other.

Calculate your page sizes and add them up. If you must many pages to be bothered accomplishing this, “guesstimate” your average page size first.

The average website on Ehost Kenya, for example, uses about 50 kilobytes of space, some less, some a little more, which includes a fair variety of graphic images, which we are certain to make as small as possible. This means that people could fit about 20 Ehost Kenya pages right into a single megabyte of space. If you are to purchase 100 megabytes of space coming from a web host, then you may fit very similar to 2,000 Ehost Kenya pages into your web site!

Many sites are small and modest – you aren’t Microsoft all things considered! – and do not need greater than 10 or 20 megabytes of space max. Still, some websites might require more, for the following reasons: graphics and dynamic content, such as multimedia files. Always ask yourself, “Do I need these graphics or multimedia files?” “How can I make my pages smaller?” “Do I need each one of these tables?” “Should I split this page into a number of smaller pages?”

The average graphic uses between 5 Kb and 50 Kb of space alone. Always check your graphic sizes and employ a good graphics program to be as small as possible – “Save for Web” is often a great new feature of numerous graphics programs. If a web page has many different graphics, then it’ll certainly need more space.

Also, some web sites have message forums. These forums can generate websites very quickly and obviously require more space. Another reason you could need more web space is should you are offering software or another products or files to your visitors to download. You would then should store they within your allotted web space and again, each one of these items will take more space.

So, figure out the amount space you happen to be currently using then approximate just how much you think your website may grow from here. If you usually do not yet have your web page finished, or are certainly not experienced in this area, or hate anything to do with numbers, it may be somewhat tougher to decide just how much space you’ll need.

In this situation, Ehost Kenya recommends that you begin with around 20 megabytes of web space. This should offer you more then enough room to advance, and you is not going to have to pay a lot of for this level of space.

If your web site is obviously small, mostly text, and clear of graphics, you can probably host your website on 2 MB of space, that’s about 200 pages of text. For most average sites, 50 to 100 MB is an awful great deal of space. Cyber-malls and big Net Communities may necessitate approximately 200 to 400 MBs of space, but does one? In general, 1 MB equals about 100 pages of text.

If your internet site does eventually deplete the space you purchased, don’t worry: you ought to easily be capable of purchase more space from a current host. Thus, it is essential when searching for the web host to make sure you find one which makes it easy to upgrade and won’t charge extra fees for doing this, outside in the cost of the upgraded package obviously.

What about Bandwidth and Data Transfer?
The other big buzzword for web hosting these days is “bandwidth,” not being confused with “data transfer.” All kinds of numbers and loose interpretations are bandied about. So what is it, anyway, and just how much of this do I need?

If you might have a heavily trafficked site, you may certainly require a big amount of bandwidth and data each month. You should also be aware of the differences between bandwidth and data transfer useage, as some hosts will blur these into one feature for that unknowing.

Bandwidth and data transfer are in fact different! Look at it using this method. Imagine bandwidth as being a water pipe. The bigger the pipe, the harder water you are able to potentially cope with it. Whether you`re gonna need or use everything water is yet another issue!

Data transfer is the volume of water that passes through your pipe.

For example, this is a example of bandwidth –> 1.5Mbps (T1);
This is an example bandwith limit –> 1GB per account.

I understand that some hosting companies used the phrase “bandwidth” to refer to data. That confuses people (including me before!).

To spell it out a little more clearly, data transfer is the level of data transmitted or received by having a unit of time. In hosting, data transfer usage is consumed when visitors make requests for files in your web site and download these phones their computers. When you add together the total coming from all files downloaded from your website in a selected month, your total needs to be lower than just how much allotted within your hosting plan. If it just isn’t, your file sizes might be too large or you may be generating a great deal of hits – in which case you may need to upgrade to some larger hosting plan or to a dedicated hosting server. (Please see our article on Dedicated Servers.)


Be sure to remember that each file within a page is calculated also. So if you were to have a 20 Kb website (HTML file) this included three 10 Kb images, then whenever the page was visited, 50 kb of data transfer would be used: 20 kilobytes for that page and 30 kilobytes for the images. Very straightforward indeed.

If designed correctly, a web site site can be quite successful and receive many visitors, a day a day, seven days a week, and still not come near to their data transfer limit. In fact, some with the most successful and popular pages for the Web are very small, Yahoo!`s homepage as an example. Most people can do without the bells and whistles, and the waiting time involved for over-designed and over-stuffed pages.

Remember your success depends on how you develop, promote, take care of, and remain dedicated to the task accessible – your site. If you value the success of your respective web site, then you are going to care enough to teach yourself with what it is your site really needs. This includes locating a host that may meet those needs efficiently and honestly.

With bandwith, it really is equally all to easy to guesstimate how much you may need if you have an existing web site: by checking your current usage and evaluating it after that. Multiply the size of one’s biggest page with each of the graphics by the variety of impressions your website is getting, or is certain to get. For example: 50 Kb X 10,000 = 500,000 Kb; quite simply you`ll need 500 Megs if your site generates 10,000 page views monthly. Never accept less than 1 Gigabyte.

For the very first timer, determining bandwidth and bandwith needs may be more difficult. Ehost Kenya`s recommendation: 2 gigabytes of data transfer per month is generally more than enough to begin on and big enough to allow your web site room to build up and grow. This is included, at no extra charge, while using majority of packages most hosting companies offer. If the host is not offering a nominal amount of 2 gigabytes, you could possibly want to shop around more and find one who does.

Again, you’ll want to make sure the host you select allows room for increase in case your site does wind up requiring a lot more than anticipated. Remember, just as with space, if a site contains an enormous amount of images, message forums, and other products for download, your bandwidth and data needs is going to be higher.

Many web hosting companies will promise you “unlimited” traffic, however, you must check carefully to see the things they mean by “unlimited”. Hosts which might be currently promising you unlimited bandwidth or data are either not being honest with you, have many hidden restrictions they’re hoping you is not going to notice, or simply are not educated themselves, and they are possibly risking their entire business for the hope that their clients will not get that much traffic. Once you exceed a particular quota, they might start charging you. Read the details in it. Any webhost that provides unlimited anything will usually use a little asterisk and when you follow that asterisk, you may find that there exists indeed a set limit.

Caveat emptor (permit the buyer beware): if a web host claims to provide you with a certain volume of hits, transfers, or page views, they are either showing an absence of education with respect on their business, or they are assuming that you, their potential client, are certainly not educated enough to understand what these terms mean. A hit means someone has downloaded a file from your site; a page view means someone has visited your web site; plus a transfer could be the same being a hit.

The host is in fact referring to bandwith when they choose this offer. The problem with all the offer is always that there is no way for the host to be aware what size each of your files will probably be. Therefore, there’s no way for these to predict how many hits, transfers, or page views they is going to be able to supply you with. We recommend that you simply either avoid a bunch making these claims or at best question the crooks to confirm exactly how it can be they calculate a hit, a transfer, or a page view in terms of bandwith.

Finally, any internet site that needs more then 15 gigabytes of data transfer per month must be on what is termed a “dedicated” server. Dedicated servers are servers that host only your website; they tend not to share the resources to sites. These are more expensive than “shared” or “community” hosting, while you would expect, but in case you care about your web site`s success and are employing more then 15 gigabytes of data transfer useage, then dedicated is the way for you to go.

And remember: if you search for any company on Ehost Kenya to satisfy your needs, your search results will include a link to much of this specifics of different web hosts, so that you can compare making an informed decision as to what is best for you personally.

10 Critical Tips on Finding a Web Host

Putting your opinions, dreams, home page or business online is pretty exciting. You`re opening a dimension of your life on the entire world. It`s pretty typical that when someone creates their first, or any, website they do know a lot in what they want the web page to seem like, the information they may have and who their audience is.

However, not many people, if any, have spent a great deal of time considering what they desire their hosting company to be like, and so it needs to be. Here are 10 critical items you should know about locating a web host which will save you some time to headaches down the road so you can take your time enjoying the finer things in life rather than worrying about internet hosting.

1) Cost Issues

Free hosting: There are 3 things to think about when looking at free hosting. The first is could you accept not having your own url of your website, i.e. if the web site is http://WebHostName.com/YourSiteName instead of http://YourSiteName is that going to bother you? Second, could you accept the internet host advertising on your web page? Third, there is a lot of free hosts out there that will promise you your own url of your website and no advertising but when you read the small print what they may be offering is a free trial offer. Free really is free but make sure you find out the terms free hosting service is on offer on.

Shared/Dedicated hosting: Here can be a few important cost factors you can examine on before you sign using a host. Find out in case your host comes with a money back guarantee and what their refund policies are, whether there is a requirement to sign up to get a minimum period and should your package is scalable. That is, if your web site grows would you like to be capable to expand the volume of bandwidth, disk drive space, and email accounts that you are using with a reasonable price. If you happen to be locked in to some year contract having a host so you start running over your transfer limit it is possible to really get killed on over-run charges. Watch out for unlimited bandwidth or space offers. The bandwidth offers usually come with an escalating price scale and also the space offers usually don`t include file types like .jpg and .gif files as well as other large media file types. Sure, it`s unlimited, as long while you`re only storing text!

2) Reputation

Read up on your host before you decide on one. Read the Reviews on HostSearch.com to see what other industry is saying about them.

Double check and find out what the folks on a good web hosting forum like DiscussHosting.com have to say about them.

Then triple check and operate a search because of their name on Google and check within the groups listings. If you check into another web hosting directory or look only on the awards they`ve won on their web site be cautious because many times web hosts will pay for this being a form of advertising.

3) Customer Service

It`s a good idea to uncover about a web host`s customer service prior to signing with them. Make sure they have 24-7 phone support in case you need it. Test their email support as well before you sign up to see what kind of response time this helps you compared with what their advertising says. This is really a good way to test a webhost`s integrity at the same time. If they promise email response within 1 hour so you wait 3 days to hear back from them you can bet their 100% uptime guarantee isn`t worthwhile either.

If your web page is truly critical you might want to find out where the data center is definitely in case it is possible to`t contact anyone on the phone or email. If it`s within your city you’ll be able to drive over there and have some answers if you need to but should your web host is off-shoring in Sri Lanka it`s nearly so easy. “Bill, grab your bags, we`re sending you to Columbo to reboot the server. And don`t concern yourself with the Tamil Tigers, they simply signed a cease-fire with all the government.”

4) Registering a website name

A host should provide ability to register domains for you. Ideally your internet host will likely be an ICANN certified domain registrar or be capable of tell you which domain registrar they normally use. Make sure your company name, not the host company`s name, is listed as the administrative exposure to InterNIC on your domain name. This way it is possible to transfer your domain name to another host easier. If your host doesn`t provide you using the services they promise and you withhold payment they are able to hold on to your website name when you try and transfer it. If the corporation goes out of business you might also run into problems trying to move your domain name should you aren`t the one registered with InterNIC.

5) Why is this site so SLOW?!?

Find out should your host allows adult hosting in case you go having a shared server solution and make sure you aren`t sharing a server with one of those sites. If you might be on a server with an adult site it’ll hog your bandwidth. Also ask the amount of sites you’ll be sharing the server with.

6) Security

Ask the world wide web host about your security in case you plan to be involved in ecommerce. Their security must be multi-layered to protect you from today`s hackers. With DNS poisoning, cross-site scripting, URL hijacking, spam, phishing, and DDoS attacks to bother about they should be capable to tell you what you will do to shield you through the network side although it`s not the world wide web host`s job to make certain the code on your internet site is secure.

7) Long term contract

Many hosting companies offer a much reduced monthly rate should you sign a long-term contract using them. You are more satisfied signing a quick term contract and upgrading before you make a long term commitment. If you sign a long-term deal and are available to learn the host is usually down you’ll need to acquire out the remainder with the contract before they`ll permit you to switch to an alternative host. It`s preferable to take a test-drive and purchase the long term deal only one time you`re pleased with your host`s service.

8) Server access

Make guaranteed to check out which kind of server access you`ll have and how you will be controlling your site. If you’ve a web-driven user interface it may not allow that you do everything you need should you are running a complex site or conversely should you just want a straightforward site with low/no hassle then virtual access to the server with an FTP account may need more technical research than you choose to do to get your internet site going.

9) Figuring out the amount Bandwidth you may need

Before you sign on which has a new host run some numbers about what bandwidth along with other services are going to cost you. The key the following is planning ahead and ensuring that your agreement together with your hosting provider is flexible enough to allow you to expand in terms of space, email and especially bandwidth.

As a rough index to figuring out how much bandwidth you`ll need use 10 gigs of monthly bandwidth per 500 daily users you expect.

Check out just how much bandwidth or speed will definitely cost and take into consideration how much it will cost if your internet site really will take off. Flat monthly rates are superior to usage rates. If you suddenly experience an influx of users because of the new product, marketing strategy, or sudden coincidental flood of Google searchers along with your usage exceeds your bandwidth usage agreement you could be in for a nasty shock when you get your hosting bill. You might not think you’ll ever exceed the limit but you may be amazed at what can cause a spike in traffic on your internet site, for example, HostSearch.com did an interview with GoDaddy.com and now we got a massive influx of hits from Google users searching for your GoDaddy girl, Nikki Capelli, after she appeared in GoDaddy`s Super Bowl ad.

10) How well is your hosting company connected?

How fast your host`s servers are and the way fast your website will be depends in part around the connection your web host has using the Internet. Many web hosting companies buy their connections from large backbone providers like UUNET. At the very least, they needs to have T3 lines.

You should question them how they are connected if speed will be a factor for you personally. They will inform you something like, “We are employing T-1/OC-3 lines.” i.e., Web website hosts typically connect for the Internet through “T” (Transmission), “OC” (Optical Carrier), and/or “DS” (Digital Signal) lines. Many smaller web hosting companies still use T1`s to connect your web site to the world in a rate of just one.544 megabits per second. The biggest and fastest hosts use redundant, multiple OC3 (155.52 Mbps) lines to make available their clients the bandwidth they want for multiple user sessions on their site(s).

The best hosting companies today use redundant lines to make certain that customers` sites remain up and active, regardless of whether their primary Internet connections are temporarily unavailable. It`s recommended that you check which hosts offer backup connections fast enough to maintain your internet site`s performance in case of your primary line failure.

Of course, like with everything, you pay more for premium service. If you might be looking for the most affordable possible solution you could possibly want to be sure your web host DOESN`T have 24-7 phone support, OC3 lines, or the most recent hardware in their data-center.

The Right Web Hosting Solution For Your Online Business and Services

There are many factors which have to be considered prior to buying a Web hosting solution for your business. The most important of them include the efficiency of the server, infrastructure support, flexibility, additional services available, and finally the terms of service. While there are a substantial number of Web hosting providers worldwide, Web serves Kenya lead the march as a consequence of their quality and also price. Web hosting providers in Kenya provide you with the most reliable Web hosting services to both native and foreign clients. Here certainly are a few aspects that should be taken under consideration while choosing the right hosting plan.

Robust Infrastructure

The most significant task is deciding on the appropriate storage solution. In the initial days, a business may not require a substantial space to host their Web site. In a real situation, they may opt for a low-profile service provider that provides them the necessary service for a cheaper price. As the company grows, the business realizes the hosting server is not capable of handling the increasing traffic generated for the reason that Web site. This leads to ultimate loss for the business because it prevents the Web site from performing well inside the Internet arena. Such a hosting plan leads to lots of downtime, and as a result, extreme damage to the reputation of the Web site.

An ideal Web hosting service really should have a robust infrastructure that can support even densest Internet traffic. Such quality services are backed by powerful data centers including that provided by IBM or Rackspace. They are complemented by additional hardware including cooling systems and power backups so that they can become highly power efficient and reduce downtime. Also, they’re monitored 24/7 to avoid any possible external threats. Such a Web hosting plan will ensure smooth running of your company without creating any performance issues.

Web Hosting Services, And Regional Variations
Web hosting services vary regionally because of latency, cultural differences and variations in currency. For example, hosting services in most from the States inside the U.S. are certainly not subject to any extra indirect tax, such being a sales tax or a service tax – when you checkout. Kenya, on the other hand imposes something tax, on online sales of website hosting.
In Kenya, most in the web hosting marketplace is dominated by businesses within the web designing industry. Most businesses would approach a designer to development a website along with the designer would pick the hosting provider and the website name provider. Businesses generally usually do not pick the hosting and domain name provider in Kenya.
On the other hand, within the US the organization would generally buy a domain name itself from either GoDaddy or something in the sort, and either make a working website internally online, or engage a designer after the website name has been bought. This is primarily because businesses will be more tech savvy inside US, as compared with smaller emerging markets such as Kenya.

China around the other hand is very language sensitive. If your site is not in Chinese, you are probably not planning to have any Chinese customers. China is really language and region specific that even the majority of their search traffic comes through Baidu, and not Google.

Europe on the other hand, is much more open and integrated with English generally. Europe obviously has its own regional variations like different rates of tax in various countries and different legal requirements. They likewise have different pricing for their country specific TLDs but its relatively open much like the US, as well as the UK.

Other countries which are language sensitive are France and Russia. Russia is language sensitive, but Russians are also price sensitive, so – they’re smart enough to chose the lowest priced option, even if it just isn’t in “Russian”, functionality would trump language. French aren’t the same, they might not generally mind paying more cash for a French based panel even when a cheaper one is available in English.

Payment systems are another concern. Kenya is quite sensitive with regards to payments online. The Reserve Bank of Kenya has mandated three amounts of security for online charge card payments. All Kenyan payment gateways need to implement the “Verified by visa” or “Verified by Master” brands. They essentially have to have a password for online credit card payments, which you have to set up through your internet banking interface. This isn’t a fallout better fraud in Kenya, yet it’s because Kenyans are usually very skeptical of making payments web very apprehensive. It’s changing slowly, and steadily.

At EHost Hosting, we offer website hosting services so we strive to be a global company. We offer all the major language packs of cPanel, and gives payment systems in almost all currencies.

Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company For Your E-Business

If you are into e-trading market then, the main concern goes to your website. The website could be the way for your business to have interaction actively with all the niche market. Therefore you need to be very particular while you’re planning to launch the website for the business. When launching makes the picture, then automatically the strain of hosting services Provider Company makes the picture. A hosting services provider firm offers the accessibility to access the website inside the World Wide Web.

Purpose of Web Host:

Web hosts will be the companies offering space on the servers that they can own and offer its clients to work with those. It supplies the internet connectivity towards the data centers that they own and also towards the data centers as well as the connectivity they do not own. Since web hosting gives you a way to grab a space within the huge World Wide Web therefore so that you can launch the web site, you must be a little more careful!
Thus, hosting companies play an important role to raise the visibility of the website inside online world. The visibility then gets changed into popularity. Due for the popularity, sites gets the standard visitor from the net market, which ultimately helps in enhancing the business. However, there are particular issues that should be resolved before relying blindly on any hosting companies. Factors like the monetary constraint, the up-time etc. is necessary to be analyzed before contracting any from the web hosts.

Revising Factors to Select a Web Host:

While choosing the web hosting company Kenya, you’ll want to revise few factors that will ultimately direct you towards upraising your company’s online reputation. The measuring factors are:

* Cost Factor:

It gets the highest priority because those prefer to pick the website hosting services Provider Company based for the above factor. A common mentality is to go for the company which offers cheaper website hosting services without even for the quality. But just imagine if some company behaves you using the best server speed then, why could it charge less? So, in lieu of compromising your needs just because of cash, should you are really concerned for the business then, make an effort to acquire the best hosting company in Kenya.

* Performance from the Company:

Now, when you’re dealing with World Wide Web you need to be very fast. While you’re online, you are going to be required using the quickest response. Just think once, do you want to enjoy if on your productive hours you obtain the busy error message in the server? In order to avoid the problem, hire a internet hosting company in Kenya that prefers top from the line machines plus supports vitamins device to help you in case associated with a major failures.

* Customer Support:

Check the internet hosting company’s service timings. It might be easily checked by sending your query towards the customer support service team and after that waiting for their reply to come. Note the time duration with their reply to be able to better rely around the company.

Check the web hosting company in Kenya based for the above stated three constraints after which decide where you can move on. Your website will become an essence to your small business then!

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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company

So, you’ve got finally got your site. In order to accomplish that, you had hired a good that offered web design services, Kenya. You wanted the best, and for that reason you selected the most effective. Well, in the event you think your trip to get your web site up and running ends, then you might be sadly mistaken.

The second step would be to hire the services with the best internet hosting firm you could afford and one who provides a great array of features for that same. The selection of this firm will be as important as the one where you selected someone who provided superior services with regards to professional website design, Kenya.

This daunting task can be successfully accomplished by continuing to keep in mind certain critical indicators. Here are some ones:

The Sum Total of Web Space Offered

Web hosting companies assign absolutely free themes, a fixed amount of space on their own servers. You must be sure that this space meets all of the requirements of your internet site and your e-commerce business.

Make certain there is always scope of expansion, like a growing online presence or business takes a growing quantity of space. Moreover, a sufficient volume of space is obviously required if your web site is abundant in multimedia content.

Access to FTP

A significant component of web hosting is business internet hosting. Herein, it’s very important that you have FTP access, as only then is it possible to upload new pages or update, or modify content.

Reliable, Secure, and Fast

These would be the three essential components that make for that best hosting services that you are looking for. The three, are a pre-requisite to the success of any web business.

Reliability includes various facets for example, site availability, updating a niche site in good time, proper and regular site and server maintenance amongst various other things. This could be easily explained by way of your example.

Suppose your website is at the top of the search engine listing, however when the online visitor clicks on the link, he/she finds the site is down. What will happen? The visitors will go to a few other site, meaning you have lost a prospective customer.

Fast websites are usually in great demand amongst potential customers. This is because sites which are slow to load are frustrating and irritating. Moreover, it is vital for business hosting, that the webhost makes sure that your website is secure from virus attacks, or unauthorized use.

Maintenance and Support

Good maintenance and support usually are not only important for professional web design Kenya, but are also an important portion of good website hosting services. Choose a website hosting company providing you with maintenance support 24 hours, everyday with the week.

Also, offered must be skilled tech support team that is able to tackle all kinds of problems.

Competitive Pricing

Price is an important parameter, which you need to consider when thinking about hiring a business internet hosting company. Bear in your mind that, it isn’t a given, that people who charge more provide good services.

Try to look to get a bargain, while choosing a web hosting company.

Data Transfer

The best web hosting company offers enough bandwidth for efficient and fast data. This is another important criterion, when you decide upon the best company to do business with.

All in most, both web site design services, Kenya, and choosing great hosting services, whether for business internet hosting or any other, is a crucial part of promoting the web identity of your respective company and establishing a prosperous e-commerce business. So, do both with due care and thought. Also go for affordable off-page optimization that plays a vital role in any business along with driving the high quality business leads.

Web Hosting Companies Boost Industrial Growth

The backbone in our economy is constituted mainly of business and industries. In today’s world of technological development, the whole planet is merely a finger tip away. Business is additional global and requirements to cater to the needs of an large market and customers, many of them are scattered across the world. In this kind of scenario, websites be convenient to establish contacts with assorted corners of the world. The websites of companies carry information about their services while helping them to promote business among the internet-surfing population. It is the chronilogical age of e-commerce as well as this purpose websites must be developed carefully.

After developing the websites it is very important to host all of them with upload all pages into some online server to be available online. Website hosting companies lease out servers to website owners. These companies have several plans in which cheap web spaces can be produced available to those client companies to make for a few really cheap web hosting. There are offers of unlimited MYSSQL or MYSQL databases, unlimited bandwidths with equally unlimited FTP and email accounts, technical supports supplied by AJAX, PERL, PHP, user interface accesses, website builder, PLESK panels, packages for audio and video etc which can make for some seriously lucrative offer indeed.

In Kenya, there is a huge demand for affordable internet hosting owing on the boom in e-commerce and overall business and industry. Web website hosts in Kenya provides cheap web spaces many different types of static/dynamic websites made using different tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, HTML, FLASH etc. You can also find the operating system of your preference. With Linux hosting come features like programming facilities in PERL, PHP and MYSQL for webmasters familiar with them. Similarly, hosting companies in Kenya also have provisions for Windows hosting with various data transfer and bandwidth limits, disk spaces, supports at the backend and other features available at truly reasonable prices to suit the needs of different customers from different economic backgrounds. Users can also enjoy a wide various features like sub domains, PLESK panels, anti spam, website registration, free search results submissions, full text search, instant activation to relieve chances of further delay, on demand restore and backup, user interface access, dedicated IP address, SEO services, website builder facilities, unlimited data transfers free website templates, logo/banner designs etc.

Web hosting companies in Kenya also provides different various servers which users can decide depending upon their budgets in addition to their needs. For people using a strict budget and limited needs, shared servers are suitable since they’re priced less but haven’t any facilities for system software installations and any other root user functions. Dedicated servers are suitable for big businesses while they provide unlimited bandwidth, disk space, RAM, CPU and full root access for the servers. VPS hosting will last small to medium sized businesses with the main server getting sliced into small partitions and users having root usage of the partition they’ve been allocated.

Reseller hosting has additionally become popular today as more people need multiple domains to host. There are separate Windows and Linux reseller type hosting facilities for many.

The prices are overall affordable with facilities for installment payments, credit card payments and time-based contracts. More details about affordable hosting at Kenya can be obtained at web sites of these hosting companies.
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Web Hosting: What Is Important Quality Or Prices?

The demand of having online presence is escalating with the increase in using Internet. In addition, having online presence for business entities likewise helps them in generating revenue through online customers. For these reasons, businesses today yearns to construct their online presence. However, merely insurance agencies company pages or fan pages in social media sites aren’t enough also to generate revenue from web traffic, it is extremely essential to have an online site. But just by designing and developing a beautiful website using the view to magnetize customers is not going to help in the process. Proper running from the website is essential and this is achievable only by hiring hosting solutions from a service provider. Web hosting is considered to be the deciding factor of an website’s success as being a good hosting helps in enhancing the performance of your web portal.

Quality hosting solutions for better performance of an website

Quality hosting solutions can make a difference within the performance of an website thereby it is important to work with a hosting supplier that ensures quality. The growth of an online business depends solely about the performance in the website and so it is vital to hire a service provider offers quality website hosting. Most of people choose cheap website hosting services to save some penny and later faces huge reduction in their business. It is obviously wise to engage high-quality web hosting solution on your business website in the event you really desire to yield effective result out of it. Web hosting in Kenya costs less as compared to other countries but studying the price quality should not be compromised. A bad quality internet hosting solution is able to ruining your web reputation and you’ll have to incur losses in businesses because those hosting solution will not likely run your web site properly and as being a result you may loose the traffic visiting your site.

Cheap website hosting is not invariably reliable

It is vital that one chooses quality over price while hiring website hosting solution for business websites. Although there are several web hosting companies which offers cheap internet hosting, but it isn’t necessarily reliable. Web hosting in Kenya is usually cheaper but those offering cheap deals will not ensure seamless service. Furthermore, cheap web hosting service is cost-effective but is not going to have advanced features to fulfill the needs of modern-day technology. In addition, these low cost internet hosting does not provide enough server space for future expansion of your company and you are going to need to pay additional price to purchase space, that may exceed this. Moreover, these internet hosting does not provide good bandwidth along with uptime, as a result of which you may not simply lose your potential customers but also your existing customers. Thus it can be very well said that cheapest hosting is not always reliable.

However, in summary, we are able to say that quality is important than prices for hosting solutions much like quality internet hosting service, one can possibly reach the zenith of success in the online world by successfully building their online charisma. Hence you should not compromise with quality of hosting.