Cheap Premium Web Hosting in Kenya in 2021

Looking for a cheap website hosting company in kenya in 2021, EHost Kenya offers special discount to our premium hosting service. This month, we have a 30% discount on all our hosting packages, Chat with us and request for a discount coupon.

Who are the Best  Website Developers in Kenya?

Who are the Best Website Developers in Kenya?

Who are the Best Website Developers in Kenya? We pride in offering the best website designs , our designs are carefully selected based on the users preferences.  We first engage the client to clearly understand their unique requirements and taste.

Creating a professional website with any developer can be very expensive. Small businesses mostly  spend alot of money to get the best designs. You don’t have to worry anymore with us .we  will give you a beautiful responsive website design at affordable prices. Now all you have to do is focus on growing your business.

We work with SMEs to develop bespoke websites and web portals that market their brands online.

This holidays, call us for a discounted rate in website design and development.

cheap website hosting in kenya

cheap website hosting in kenya

We are the cheapest website hosting company in Kenya. We offer secure and most scalable web hosting packages to our clients. Our web hosting packages are defined with our clients in mind, you can use our free website hosting to host your website and access webmail however we advise you to go for a paid hosting package due to the some reasons though our free hosting does not place ads on your website

There is nothing in this world for free. Ask yourself a question – how do they survive?
They have to pay for servers, bandwidth, server software and got no income?

The answer is – advertising, yeah they place an ads on your site and usually have a tracking tools to decide
whether traffic on your site click on their ads and generate income or not.
If not do not be surprised your account closed.

– Free hosting companies usually place their own ads on your site.
– There are some free hosting companies that do not place an ads but if you get some traffic on your site
your free provider may close your account and place his own page with ads instead of your site.
– PHP, CGI, Perl and many other tech tools are disabled.
– You have very limited disk space and limited bandwidth.
– You have not memorized by others address like /
– You don’t have useful tools like Site builder, add-on scripts which some paid hosting companies offer for free.
– You don’t have email address similar as your account name.
– A lot of free hosts change their Terms without warning you.
– Because they are offering free hosting, the majority of them can not afford to offer 24/7 or any support.
– Very few free web hosts offer a control panel with their plans.

With pay host you eliminate all this inconveniences except one – it’s not free.
I know this is not simple step to decide to pay for hosting. So if you need just information
page for your friends then free hosting option is right for you. But if this is your presentation
site or you plan to do some business and need tools like PHP, CGI etc…
I’d recommend to take a look at paid hosting companies.


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cheapest website hosting in kenya

cheapest website hosting in kenya

eHost Kenya is the cheapest website hosting provider in kenya, we offer wordpress hosting, joomla hosting , ecommerce website hosting, startup website hosting, small business hosting, corporate hosting and other custom hosting.
Our hosting packages covers all levels.
Having a brand website for your company or business can mean a lot for your business, from a more targeted audience to increase in revenue. In today’s digital world an online presence is very important . With eHost cheap web hosting it’s easy to create, manage and grow your business.

We are driven by passion for good services, helping our clients to keep there websites up and running 24/7. Most importantly, we’re passionate about the type of technology we have for our clients, and we know that when our clients succeed, we succeed too.

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eCommerce website developers in kenya

eCommerce website developers in kenya

Looking for eCommerce website developers in kenya? We are cheap website developers in kenya & offer best e commerce website platforms. Call us on 0770624618.

Any modern eCommerce website will require a real time payment method that is secure and convenient to the clients. We will therefore integrate mobile money payment like Mpesa, Airtel and Telkom.

We develop eCommerce websites which helps Kenya ecommerce companies grow their online brand and conversion faster. Our web developers will turn a default ecommerce website into an online selling tool.


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cheap website design in kenya

cheap website design in kenya

Looking for cheap website design in kenya? eHost Kenya is the cheapest website designers in kenya. We offer modern SEO compliant websites packages that are of international standards. Our web design packages are affordable and best for all clients.

Visit our web design page and review our packages.

We work with a large clientele base in different industries from international agencies, small businesses, schools, churches, digital agencies , ecommerce providersand many more.

Irrespective of the industry, our website design company will work with all to design and develop best kenya websites

All of our website design packages includes the following:-

Modern professional website

Mobile-friendly responsive design

A dedicated website developer

A unique personal approach

Blogging module

Speedy delivery within 2 weeks

Search Engine Optimization compliant website

One year hosting & support

No outsourcing or hidden charges

Full website and content ownership

Why us as the cheap website design in kenya

-We have a track record of developing the best websites for our clients which represent their brands online and increase conversions.
-We do not have hidden costs other than what is given in as the website design cost.
-We have 24/7 support through chat, phone or email tickets.

cheap website developers

cheap website developers

Are you looking for cheap website developers? eHost Kenya is a web design company in Nairobi. We are of the “>best website design company in Nairobi offering website design services.

We are the most affordable website designers in Kenya & offer free web design in Kenya with as part of other bundled solutions.

Our website design and development designers always come up with engaging websites that are designed with user & all search engine in mind. Our search engine optimization services and online digital marketing ensures we offer you a wholistic solution.

We know & appreciate that every client is different , that motivates us to offer innovative bespoke solutions.
At eHost Kenya, we like creativity; our website developers are always thinking outside the box to produce the best innovative solutions for our clients.

We provide end to end & cheap website developers in Nairobi . We adopt a result oriented approach in every step of our processes. Our team considers carefully every aspect of development to deliver a user friendly and modern solution.

We are a full service digital marketing agency in Nairobi. Once we design the website, we develop it and market it to ensure our clients are above their competitors in the industry

View our website design packages

cheap website hosting in kenya

cheap website hosting in kenya

Many people have been searching for keywords cheap website hosting in kenya. Google search engine usually shows related terms to what has been searched. Its through this related keywords that we get to know what users look for in relation to website hosting in kenya and specifically why people look for the wording cheap.

We all know , each one of us want cheap website hosting services or other services , but we should always look for other supporting factors before settling on the cheap one. The other factors to consider are reliability,security , data integrity , customer support, etc. this will help you determine which website hosting provider you will select.

Most people are looking for wordpress hosting in kenya, they however need to know that due to the numerous vulnerabilities of wordpress CMS , a good hosting provider is necessary to avoid the website from being attache though malware. Everyday millions of wordpress websites are hacked.
Ehost Kenya pride in offering cheap website hosting services in Kenya and beyond , our web hosting packages are selected carefully to take care of all clients. whether you are a startup, SME , mid-sized company or corporate, we got you covered with our affordable web hosting services.

Our Cpanel hosting offers the following

Most Current Cpanel Version with auto update
A powerful panel that is easy to use and has been built and tested for many years. The interface is friendly and makes you productive and achieve results.

Exceptional Speed
Who doesn’t need speed, we offer that. Our Cutting-edge technologies, custom built stack together with ingenious architecture & various fine-tuning tweaks makes us stand out from the rest. Join us and experience the difference.

WordPress Optimized

Get better search engine optimization, clients retention, and conversions with cutting-edge technology, which can serve up to three times more requests per second.

Check our website speed on / contact us for cheap website hosting in kenya


Ksh4,000 /Yr. Sign Up
  • 5GB SSD Web Space (Very Fast)
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Ten Dedicated Databases
  • Control Panel > Free Cpanel
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Marketing & SEO Tools
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ksh2,500 /Yr. Sign Up
  • 3GB SSD Web Space (Very Fast)
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Ten Dedicated Databases
  • Control Panel > Free Cpanel
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Marketing & SEO Tools
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ksh1,500 /Yr. Sign Up
  • 2GB SSD Web Space (Very Fast)
  • 20GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Five Dedicated Databases
  • Control Panel > Free Cpanel
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Marketing & SEO Tools
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ksh1,000 /Yr. Sign Up
  • 1000MB SSD Web Space
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Two Dedicated Databases
  • Control Panel > Free Cpanel
  • FREE Site Building Tools
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Marketing & SEO Tools
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
best web hosting companies in Kenya in 2020

best web hosting companies in Kenya in 2020

best web hosting companies in kenyaAre you wondering what web hosting actually is? Web hosting is basically a service, which lets individuals or organizations publish their web-pages /websites all across the internet. While publishing a web page, the owner needs space to store essential files including HTML, documents, images, and videos. You could say that a web hosting company is a service provider that rents out servers (space) to others who wish to store these materials online. In this article, we have briefed about some of the best web hosting companies of 2019.

It is not like that you cannot start any business online and can never earn, in fact, there are many legal ways to do this and the foremost important part of any online business is running a website. It is even more difficult in Kenya as compared to other countries, being a Kenya you always have to face many problems regarding how to start an online business due to lack of proper counseling you always go into wrong hands. Even if a person has done so many courses and he knows how to design a website and how to develop a website cannot get the proper benefit out of it. Sometimes people get stuck because they could not find and authentic platform and the other problems that one has to face are due to poor internet banking, management, fraud, an absence of PayPal and other ways of online banking.

So, actually apart from the other reasons behind that only few people are successful online, the main and most important reason is that they know how to select the authentic and valuable web hosting for them in Kenya. It is one of the chiefs and the most difficult tasks you have to take care of it whenever you decide to start an online business. As a web owner, you must know that web hosting is the main task you have to perform while doing an online business for that purpose there are many web hosting sites available in Kenya, but you are supposed to choose for yourself wisely because all of them are not authentic.

Instead of wasting your time on finding the web hosting sites for yourself in Kenya, where you do not have to worry about the methods of payment anymore because the companies that are going to be mentioned below are top-ranked companies, trusted by so many clients and have a positive reputation in the business of web hosting in Kenya.

Here are few top website hoting companies in Kenya, they are as follows:

5 Best Web Hosting Companies Kenya in 2019


free web hosting in kenya

free web hosting in kenya

Guidelines in Choosing A Cheap Web Hosting Company

Below you’ll find many of the items that you will need to check into when you’re picking a cheap hosting company. Follow the following tips and you’ll not just save money but also get almost the same great service in hosts as compared to the traditional website hosting company. Getting value to your wages is possible through cheap web hosting so long as guess what happens to watch out for and where to watch out for a good web hosting service which includes good deal. And we will help give you the hosting companies service which you deserve.

Customer service – when searching for a cheap hosting company, it’s important which you review the provision of customer service. Web hosts company which may have 24/7 customer service are preferred to help you be assured that you simply get the assistance that you simply need when your internet site occurred. Youll can’t say for sure when there would be considered a problem with the internet hosting and its always nice for those who have a live person to go to regarding your concerns whenever for the day or night.

Storage Space – some internet hosting company gives low storage space or file space on their own hosting companies so as to keep the expense down. The file space or safe-keeping would depend on the you are going to put on your website. Although that’s true, you should find a cheap hosting company that provides at the very least 5 GB of file or space for storage on his or her web hosts.

CGI bin files access – why is this important in internet hosting Because it can be essential in running scripts with your website. Not all cheap internet hosting have access to the CGI bin files so ensure that it is being offered on the hosting companies.

Method of uploading files – one of the extremely frequent activities that you will do in your website is always to upload files, it really is therefore important to upload files easily in web hosts. The most common type of uploading file in hosting is via FTP or File Transfer Protocol. It is also proved to be one of the most convenient method to transfer or upload files into the web hosting companies. Remember to always ask the cheap web hosting company on his or her method in uploading files.

Security and reliability – backup systems and security systems should also be offered by cheap website hosting companies. This will save you the headache in case the server on the hosting companies transpired. Also with the rampant progression of virus and hackers online, it is imperative that the hosting company have a good security system to safeguard your internet site. Both of these factors show how reliable the cheap hosting service is.

While it really is correct that traditional hosting companies gives you all that you just need on web hosting companies, it can be also true that you just can get the same services with cheap hosting but now with a lesser price.Article Source: Kay may be the author informed on Cheap Web Hosting Reviews.

Web Hosting :: Why Outsource Web Design Service Kenya

In the IT technology the net has owned a notable position in the industry sector. Now since the time changes the strategy of accomplishing the organization also have changed. Now because countries are moving towards website marketing services there is certainly s boost in demand of the internet design services. The website plays a huge role in attracting traffic which leads to rise in sales. There are lots of top website design companies in Kenya. Kenya is developing within the web marketing business since it has generated many web designing companies how the consumers are considering. Now the countries have starting showing their fascination with outsource website design Kenya.

Today the majority of the website designing projects is coming to Kenya. Kenya has developed inside the IT and each year it’s generation many IT professionals that happen to be serving nationally and internationally. The abroad countries at the moment are considering Kenya because of their website designing. The important the main website which attracts the users are its graphics. Now there a variety of outsource website design service in Kenya which were caught with the abroad countries. The Kenya web designing companies are notable for providing appealing and attractive web page design. As to begin with website inside a costly task, and then the countries are hiring freelance website design company Kenya to make sure they would get assured with the low deigning cost. There is definitely a terrific requirement for the freelancer designers who’re skilled in designing websites. As with improvement in demand of creating quality website, the outsource website design company is often seen to be viable solution.

Whether this company is big or small the web site is a vital issue to anxiety about. It is the site who attracts the net users to purchase any products. The website must be able enough to get more visitors. People get impressed with the attractive websites. To save money many of the countries are think about the offshore web site design services. Kenya is just one of most suitable option still having these countries since it has gained a superior reputation inside the market to maintain its position in website designing. There a wide range of companies across the world; it could be affordable to decide on the best website design company in Kenya that may work as outlined by your family needs. It is learned that a persons are pretty much attracted to your websites that are simple to use and never on the complicated one.

he major reason why businesses have an online site is visitors to enable them to convert into clients. Generating leads are in reality an effective way of experiencing more clients. Once a certain individual visits an internet site, her or his details are stored specifically whenever they submit or get access some forms. The information provided are going to be employed by the web site owner to refer to them as and convince the crooks to certainly be a customer. More often, we hire a company that is certainly affordable. You should devote mind that working with a cheap or affordable website development and hosting has risks. You should be wise in picking the best one.

There are many techniques to select the best yet affordable web page design provider. It includes comments or testimonials from either customers or affiliates from the company. Testimonials and comments often mentions how satisfied or dissatisfied suer or customer is. Another way is usually to check up on the historical past from the company. Try to search on the internet for any website development company who provides an affordable service and you will probably find a great number of. Choosing the best might become a hard move to make however its definitely worth the try.

What will be our basis when the company you have chosen is credible Check on their internet site alone. Does it somehow convince you You can also research online for possible answers. Read some online reviews. Most people base their decisions over the aid of independent reviews. The reason for it is that, online articles are truthful. The bad and the good sides of every package are presented.

You could also check some previous works they may have done. See whether or otherwise it surpasses your standards. Once you are given sample works, will you be convinced Do you also believe value of the site as being a advertising tool If you are convinced to this sample work, it’s more inclined that you’ll also have a site that’s competent to sell your service. Although it requires a little scrutiny, its smart to evaluate small details most in the time.

There are a couple of logic behind why some companies remain capable of provide cheap service. Some of them use templates. Templates allow most web-site designers to accomplish a little work. Since it is pre-made, they dont have to start creating an internet site on your own. That is the good thing about using templates. The only risk is when it’s not necessarily properly edited, you find yourself having lots of copies online.

During these times of recession, there are numerous companies who present an affordable website design and hosting service. Ehost Kenya Website Design is trusted by many clients for this reason reason. They are handing out a fantastic service in a tiny amount of cash. They believe in 100% customer happiness to get additional clients. Their staff is so efficient in utilizing all tools that are offered for them. Another reason why the business is capable to give you a much less expensive service is given that they eliminate any overhead cost.

Anyone that desires to be observed for the Internet will need to have a web site. There are hundreds of ke web hosting to select from so locating the correct internet hosting packages generally is a confusing process, particularly if you are new at all to web hosting service. This compilation of articles help you you in sorting out all the details available and provide you the confidence to create the most effective decision about choosing reliable website hosting. You will find that website hosting packages may vary in pricing and also the features they offer
like the volume of disk space and bandwidth available, data transfers, quantity of domains and email boxes, privacy and security settings, web site design and marketing tools, tech support and guaranteed uptime. Knowing what the needs you have are is important to earning an intelligent choice.

Let’s look at the functions which might be required to reliable web hosting service:

1. DISK SPACE / STORAGE A website hosting account comes with a allotment of disk/storage space you rent with a server. The volume of storage will incorporate the many content within your website pages, any graphic or audiovisual content you might use on those pages, any files that happen to be available for targeted traffic to download and then any space that you simply may use for emails. You will also have to allow space with the various log files that happen to be enerated from the server that keeps track of website visitors to your blog and what pages they visit. You may want to select a package with additional disk space in order you increase content for example pictures, music, videos or downloadable files which require more disk space, there isn’t any additional costs. Databases are often calculated separately from a disk/storage space allocated, so check using your webhost to find out what their policy covers.

2. DATA TRANSFER / BANDWIDTH These two functions are a key factor in picking reliable website hosting. They are similar but different factors of the identical method that work hand in hand.

Data transfer is the place much details are being transferred with a monthly basis. Your website most likely are not accessible the less data transfer usage which is allocated over a monthly basis. Going over your allocated limit may result in a fee or maybe a temporary shutdown within your website. Be bound to pick a plan with an increase of bandwidth than your present would need to permit additional traffic and content.

Bandwidth is just how much data may be transferred previously. The less bandwidth you happen to be allocated, the slower your blog takes to load whatever the speed in the visitors connection. Higher bandwidth is pricey given it ties in the servers resources which enable it to modify the performance of other customer sites around the server. An important factor to think about when scouting for a service provider is always that they are able to terminate your Domain name and close the account without refund.

3. DOMAIN NAME The Domain name is the unique name and address about the Worldwide Web. Domain registration could be the method that an individual or maybe a company secures a web site domain, for instance Once you’ve completed domain registration, the url of your website becomes yours for any specified period of time, usually twelve months. You must renew you website name before your registration expires, and the domain reverts to being released on the average person. Be sure
that you simply own your url of your website. Some web hosts maintain control with the domains they register therefore its important that you simply offer the solution to transfer the domain to a different registrar. You should look at the “Terms and Conditions” regarding preserving your privacy and then for any late charges to transfer in your domain completely to another registrar.

4. DEDICATED VS. SHARED IP ADDRESS An Internet Protocol address, or higher quality as a possible IP address, may be the numerical address in the website that tells other computers where to locate the server host as well as your domain about the Internet.

There are good things about developing a dedicated IP address vs. a shared IP address and that is explained next section.

Dedicated IP Address signifies that your website could be the only one around the Internet using IP address number. The advantages of creating a dedicated IP address are that you just can get your blog better SEO (search engine optimisation) ratings which will make your web site more visible and much easier to seek out; you will find better security and privacy options. A Private SSL Certificate was designed to what is identity of an online site or server and make sure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. In order to keep clients information secure, a Private SSL Certificate is essential for ECommerce websites that accept online debit card payments.

Shared IP Address means there can be many websites sharing one server that share just one IP address. Shared IP addresses make it easier for contains to deal with and observe after their servers and provide this feature cheaper. The downside for this feature is when other websites sharing your IP address are banned or blacklisted caused by spamming or scamming, their actions directly impact on your web site. Your website could disappear from your search engines like yahoo along with your email could possibly be blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISP). A Shared SSL Certificate provides the benefits of the SSL Certificate better value nevertheless comes with a secure URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Many Ecommerce websites provide Shared SSL thus to their business clients.

5. EMAIL FEATURES Email hosting gives a assortment of features for both individuals and businesses. Some of the functions available are customized contact information, import/export your address book, unlimited storage, webmail accessible from the cellular phone or PDA, calendar alerts, mail forwarding, autoresponder, email filters that help you evade viruses and spam, phone and email tech support.

6. GUARANTEED UPTIME This is one from the most important features of any reliable website hosting provider. Guaranteed uptime means your internet site is certain to be up a minimum of 99.9% in the time and offered to visitors. When your internet site is unavailable, traffic and prospective clients are going to be drawn on your competitors sites and ultimately lost sales. This guarantee ought to include network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime in addition to 24/7 support.

7. CONTROL PANEL FEATURES The most important job that an internet site owner has is creating and management with the website(s) and its particular content. The C-Panel features the instruments for uploading and managing website pages, managing domains, subdomains, FTP accounts, creating parked domains, add-on domains, protecting your directories, redirecting targeted traffic to another location, website statistics, backup data, virus protection and spam filters, the instruments and also hardwearing . privacy and security.

8. PRIVACY & SECURITY The security of your respective communications for example unauthorized or sensitive data certainly are a huge concern. Some in the security tools that the service provider can sometimes include are SSL secure servers, SSL certificates, excellent software that could prevent other websites from directly accessing your databases and files, anti-virus protection, reliable authentication, secure payment processing, firewall protection, by using strong passwords, email encryption and strict online privacy policies.

9. TECH SUPPORT A reliable internet hosting provider really should have tech support team available 24/7. Get a quick reply in your support ticket should any issues arise and achieving instant support by way of a live chat service or telephone support.

10. WEBSITE BUILDING TOOLS Even if you’ve got no prior knowledge or experience, Website building tools will often be offered as part of an internet hosting package. The more advanced website building tools educate you on tips on how to put in a picture book, guestbook, ads, newsletters, blogs, FAQ module, visitor tracker, banner rotator, auto installer software for blogs, forums, galleries and even more.

For more information about web hosting service services, plan options in addition to a Free Membership for having access to countless free products, software and marketing tools worth a lot of money. So you could make your online presence get noticed, it doesn’t matter what your experience level. Don’t miss out about the opportunity of an lifetime, visit

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service supplies a service that permits individuals and businesses to post web pages to the web. A internet hosting service provider sells and free (with promotions on the web page) is a business that gives the servers and technologies to look at web-sites on the web.

Web hosting companies  in kenya are services that customers can utilize as soon as they have purchased monthly dial up or broadband services that permit them access to the net. Web hosts use hosting and client architecture to load content for the server so web pages and information can be viewed on the internet in its original HTML format.

A internet hosting company will give you clients entry to a server which will provide the clients content to individuals on the World Wide Web when they make a URL or website request. To view pages around the web, you need a web browser, including Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to request the web page from your server when you have purchased online.

Web sites are pages that are stored with a computer known as a server. The server is often a part of a network of computers online or World Wide Web that enables users of the internet to arrive at your site all over the world at anytime. The internet is open twenty four hours, a week a week 24 / 7.

Host computers are configured so that when your URL or domain name is keyed in, the address make use of a pointer routine (look for the address from terminal to terminal) until it reaches laptop computer that hosts your web-site. Then, if all is okay, your online site should display itself about the users screen.

Hosting companies in Kenya require which you buy your URL or website name first before you purchase hosting companies. Most serves have a package that may allow you to buy the website and hosting as well.

Ehost Kenya is the cheapest web hosting company in kenya with the most reliable hosting servers. Register with us and get a chance to experience the most affordable and reliable hosting.

When generating a new website, initially you register the url of your website, and also this is done which has a Domain Name Registrar. Then you can undertake to develop your website offline then upload it to the server space you’ve leased from the domain hosting Kenya based company. Alternatively, it is possible to attempt to develop it online, which allows you to see a preview and discover what the resultant page will resemble and allows you to utilize web building tools furnished by the domain host.

A company that undertakes domain hosting in Kenya is certainly one that leases out server space to websites to allow them to store their websites and supply admittance about bat roosting files through most common sharing network which is the net. Such companies may provide international hosting or simply hosting in Kenya depending around the scale with their operations. Hosting in Kenya creates a variety of solutions geared towards different needs; for example in the lowest rung will probably be free internet hosting which will usually be considered a directory where a web site can be accessed about the domain network and on the highest rung is going to be dedicated servers permitting virtualization and high bandwidth access.

Domain hosting in Kenya either can be done on windows based servers or Linux based servers; these will be the two most widely used operating systems for server. Windows Servers is technology which is wholly of the Microsoft Corporation and works exceptionally well in tandem to software they own, that enables website hosting such as. NET and ASP. On one other hand, Linux is open based software that permits for source code access which means you can alter the settings from the entire structure as you please; it works extremely well with other open based technologies like Apache HTML for web programming and PHP Programming language. A website that is certainly made functional and built on Microsoft technology will not likely operate optimally if set to own on a Linux environment therefore, when seeking the hosting vendor consider this.

A good domain service provider will monitor the activity around the server carefully and still provide you with logs pertinent towards the activity of your web site. They will also have an efficient customer care centre that will promptly answer any queries and concerns; this will probably be backed up by good administration in the server and expert care and maintenance to ensure smooth running.