cheap website hosting in Kenya

Cheap Website Hosting Services in Kenya

If you’re looking for website hosting  services in Kenya to get online for your company website, we make sure your website is safe and is always online.

We offer website hosting for businesses and individuals in Kenya to establish their brands and dominate the online market. We are providing a wide range of cheap website hosting services in Kenya to suit your needs within your budget.

We are a 100% Kenyan owned and operated business and serving businesses grow their online presence with quality, reliable services.

What is the cheapest website hosting?

This is a website hosting package which gives you the best offer in price when you are running on a low budget,  our hosting packages starts as low as Ksh 1500

Which hosting is best in Kenya?

The best website hosting is the one that is reliable, affordable and is fully supported. We believe we offer our clients the best infrastructure and availability.

Can I get free web hosting?

Yes, you can get free web hosting in Kenya. Call or chat with us , we can create a free hosting package for you to test our service for a whole month.

Which hosting is best for beginners?

the best hosting for beginners is the one which has a reliable technical support to guide the client on the right steps of uploading the website and setting up emails. We offer our new clients full unpaid support services.

How much is web hosting in Kenya?

eHost Kenya offers a wide range of web hosting packages to suite every business, this includes SMEs, Corporate, Developers, Designers, and even resellers.

What is the cheapest way to host a website?

The cheapest way to host your website is by getting our cheapest hosting package which comes with both email hosting and email hosting services.

Where can I host a website for free?

Right here with us, We can offer you one month premium free hosting to test our services, after that you can be assured we will give you time to organise your accounts.

How can I create a free website in Kenya?

If you want to create a minimalistic content management system based website like wordpress that does not need custom designs, we can install the framework for you and guide you how you will uploading your blogs.

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